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In the mean time, please enjoy these marvel memes.

nun attracted to thor I want to see thor NUDE! deadpool thinks thor is attractive border=
"Everybody Loves Thor"

loki sending a message ot thans that says I lived bitch

a photoshoped thor and loki poster at a theater
"That time when a Chinese Movie Theatre Mistook a Fan Edit for a Real Poster, much to the hilarity of fans everywhere" 😂

i love loki

"I have no Words"

alligator loki stuck in a tree while human loki laughts alligator loki hitting human lokiĀ“s head with his tail
The Misaventures of Alligator Loki"
"Sums up the Loki Series"
Loki with a cats head
"Meanwhile in another Universe"
mobius variants nickcage looks like thor
slug lokireact kang watcher
"The Stars War Slug Meme: Marvel Edition"

threegenders catloki
"Alternate Loki Episode"
loki sitting on a throne
"Me when I find a comfy chair"

"Why does it look like Thor is driving while Loki is just lounging back there"

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