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  • Hundred Rabbits:A interesting artist colective aimed at creating open-source software.
  • Fun with Virtulization:A site about messing around with old software.
  • Button Museum:A museum dedicated to the history of Pinback Buttons
  • iNaturalistA citizen science app, where you record and identify any organisms that you find. I use this to document my findings for this site.
  • Weird Biology:It´s exactly what says on the tin. Nature is weird, yo!
  • BugGuide.Net:A great resource for bug identification.
  • FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH:A subreddit dedicated to providing a guide to free and pirated media.
  • Cameron Irby:Has some media essay resources.

Online Safety:

Monsters and Horror

Fanart and Original Works

  • atomic gothic: A comic that takes place in 1950s/60s Atomic America where nuclear testing was commonplace and safety standards were nonexistent.
  • jayeaton: a hard scifi story focused on communication, accommodation, and everyday life in co-species spaces.
  • Lokiofsassgard:One of my favorite fanfic writer´s site. Warning for 18+ content.
  • Project Gutenberg:Dozens of public domain works available for free.
  • All Roses Have Thorns:An ongoing webcomic that follows a bunch of vampires for centuries, also there´s faeries. Warning for dark and mature themes.
  • Oglaf:An hilarious and sexy 18+ comic about fantasy tropes.
  • Weregeek comic :Comic about geeks. Enough said.
  • Hark, a vagrant:A satirical comic about history and literature.
  • What Manner of Man:An original vampire novel inspired by Dracula Daily, except it´s really queer and sexier. Subscribe to get free chapters in your email!
  • and shine heaven now comic :A hellsing fancomic. Reading this reminds me what fandom culture was like in the 2000s. Status:Complete.
  • the unspeakable vault of doom :A funny comic about the lives of the Great Old Ones.
  • Camp Counselor Jason:A Jason Voorhees!AU where he becomes a camp counselor to make sure no kids ever drown on his watch.
  • daniel comic :A grave tale of horror about a vampire. Contains mature content.
  • Kingfisher:A young gay man is recruited into a secret cabal of vampires, while another wishes to destroy them. Rated 16+
  • Scoob and Shag:A parody of scooby doo.
  • Curse of the Eel:A bullied goth girl befriends an eldritch creature.
  • Vampire Husband:The life of Charles the Vampire and Cheryl the human after years of marriage.
  • After Daylight:A vampire comedy. How would the world react if it found out that vampires were real?
  • Bite Me!:Vampires during the French Revolution. Shenanigans ensue
  • The Creature´s Cookbook:A blog run by a man-eating monster in order to promote their biography book
  • The Donor:A harm reduction vampire story.
  • Boyfriends:A wholseome BL slice of life story about 4 boyfriends in a polyamorous relationship. Has really cute art.