Sticker Album

Looks like Sticker Albums were a trend in the 90s or something, so here´s mine. (click for source)

goosebump sticker vampire kermit Skeleton with shoes sparkly skeleton sparkly skeleton skull candle holder skeleton in a hat skull candle holder crazy ghoul vampire headstone
sparkly bat sparkly pumpkin sparkly ghost smiling vampire trick or treat sparkly vampire costume pumpkin witch cat ghost Eek Skeleton wolf howl black widow left catterpillar black widow right rainbow alien /></a>
       <a href=flying saucer Green Alien lisa frank alien
koala alien

purple alien grinning alien evil alien morbius the living vampire dracula

Local Street Art

I actually found these myself on the street and decided to documented them here.

punk astroboy Evil Eye Zombie Biker helmet city seekers tiger roaring bear
flower bee sticker Biker Rats
Dead Nance guy with medical mask and a bowtie  black santiago traveller profile


A Website dedicated to showcase streetart stickers from all over the globe. Here´s some of my faves

coffin coffin sticker