The Seagull Journal

Every year, I see a seagul nest from my window, and every year I get to see gulls grown and learn how to fly.

Week 6: 6/07/2022 - 9/07/2022

So here it is the final set of photos, following the growth of the two nests, from cute little chick to a grown adolescent gull.

At this point I´ve managed to see them fly properly, their practice would consiste in soaring from one part of the roof to the next, small steps its seems

I was too busy for the day that the best time i got to capture was during twilight, this made the photos a bit dark for my liking, but at the same time they make for an atomospheric image.

It was indeed a joy to even see like all three trying to fly at the same time.

That being said, again like last week, they pretty much need their parents care.

At this point in this, I might end their record here, as they are pretty much grown. In the next couple of days i managed to see them explore the world out side the nest.

The explorations are short at first, with them always returning to the nest, but eventually they leave for good in the next two/three weeks or so, leaving the nest empty until next year.

Eventually they might join other groups of youn gulls I see around the city, constantly looking for food.

One interesting fact about gulls is that they take about three years to fully mature, losing their grey color for an adult plumage.

Week 5: 1/07/2022 - 3/07/2022

Did not got around to take a lot of photos this week, not its is necessary

Its been over a Month since I saw them, they have completly lost all of their fluff and have started getting closer to an adult size.

I guess you can say they are turning into the gull of equivalent of a teenager, they have been extremely active this week.

Ironically despite it all they still depend on their parents for food, and they are more voracious than ever.

They still cant fly , even though attemps have been made.

I calculate that between mid to late July they will exploring outside the nest.

Week 4: 20/06/2022 - 26/06/2022

When we last left them, they still retain some of their baby fluffiness.

But this week is when they have changed the most, they´ve gotten active more and more such as this curious fella.

"What are you seeing buddy?"

Wow, in one nest they started getting even bigger close to the size of their parents!

And with their flying feather going in let´s see how the second nest is doing...



GOD, did this one almost fly?

It did try to fly, well more like a jump really, but close enough.

And this how they look at the end of the week, they´ve lost most of their baby fluff, and each day closer to being independent.

Week 3: 13/06/2022 - 17/06/2022

Beginning of the Week I got to see the Chicks inspecting a fake owl.

Meanwhile the other nest, without a fake owl, have spent most of their time resting next to the chimney or enjoying the warmth of a window.

As the week went on I noticed the chicks for both nests getting bigger and bigger, with them starting to lose someo their fluff.

Then something interesting has happened, one of them started moving their wings more.

Changes are the next few weeks I will see the gulls attempt to fly

Week 2: 09/06/2022 - 11/06/2022

Yes, got some footage of the chicks!

"A parent feeding the chicks"

They have been more active as of late, and started to explore the roof more. They often can be found in the shade of a chimney.

"Chicks resting and interacting"

Another new development: there is a second nest! But this one only has two chicks.

I will try and see if I can capture them on camera

"One of the chicks started to exercise its wings"

Week 1: 06/06/2022

Caught my first glance of the chicks, there seems to be 3 of them. They´re kind of small grey little puff balls at this point.

Saw one of the parents feed them, and they´re still kind of shy, so they still don´t move much. Hopefully i will be able to see more of them next week.