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EFT Gallery

Forget NFTs! now introducing the EFT, a 100% ecofriendly unique piece of art that you can now own, for free.

These were provided by their respective creators. Click on them to learn more.

Extremely Fungible Token Collection

The thing that inspired this section.

Here´s the ones I collected.

Pompabear Collection Pompabear Collection Pompabear collection Pompabear collection lil megacute lil megacute lil megacute Skoopalings Collection Dafuk Barsoh Collection tv fools toxic shrooms cyberwyvern pixel slimes pixel slimes elven girls elven girls EFTieflings EFTieflings trash foodies prideful orgigami vr kats

David Revoy´s Avatar Generator

Avatars created through a generator

cat avatar bird avatar


A modern version of doll makers with their unique artsyle

vampire maker mero picrew make min moz doodle friend creator doodle friend creator rpg husband magnus archives magnus archives carrotcake avatar generator djarn avatar maker vampire girl maker fake nft lions fake nft lions fake nft apes fake nft apes bird monster

Other Doll Makers

Oldschool dollmakers.

gothic boy
dollmaker revival girl emo boy doll blond lady portrait red lady blue mermaid "red mermaid vampire boy powerpuff girl avatar animal crossing maker emo cat vampire hunter

Dall-E Mini

A generator that creates images based on words

Try it here

dracula kissing frankenstein oogie boogie at a fashion show dracula at pride