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What can I say about myself? I was born in the 90s, but didn´t got online until 2000, where I then managed to explore the great wide web, during which I got on cool sites like neopets, discover my love for anime (and fanfiction), and dip my toes into online gaming.

One thing I do regret is never having the courage to make my own webpage despite spending hours and hours just surfing through fanpages, and with the death of geocities, I thought it would never happen, until I learned about neocities.

So, I thought what the heck, I got time on my hands, and getting a bit tired on being just on social media anyway, I decided to give a it shot.

I´m also a huge biology and monster nerd, and I´m dedicating this site as an homage to them, and to share some of my photos, art, and random things that interest me.

non binary button rainbow button it´s ok to give your bros some love  I am a follish mortal

it´s ya boy  be gay do crimes satan
emo but in a gerald way  i love monsters no one said i was human
monster end cringe culture  I never drink wine

I´m not weird I´m limited edition evil genius i intend to live forever or die trying old school


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I am A Webmaster Award!
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 this site was banned by the christian coalition
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Photography, Sketching, Birdwatching, Fishkeeping, Gothic Horror Novels, 80s Music, Rock collecting,

Beaches, Botany, Folkore, Victorian Aesthetics, Leather Jackets, Round Sunglasses, Rpgs, Simulators and Virtual Pets.

Fave Movie: The Lost Boys (vampire bikers nuff´ said)

Fave Show: What We Do In The Shadows

Fave Book: Dracula

Fave Horror Series: The Monument Mythos (a new twist on analog horror)

Fave Animal: Bats, Insects (moths, praying mantis), Cats, Corvids

Fave Game: Callahan´s Crosstime Saloon


Fandom Drama, The Fanpolice aka "antis/antishippers", TikTok, Respectability Politics, Cyberbullies,

Influencers, Avocado, Fish Bowls, Pleather, Planned obsolescence, Fast-Fashion,

Folks who say "kill it with fire" at bug posts.

Least Fave Writer: JK. Rowling for obvious reasons.

Least Fave Movie: Snyder´s Justice League

Least Fave Animal: The House centipede (I wouldn´t say dislike per say, just they creep me out, still respect them though)

Least Fave Game: Most First-Person Shooters

Least Fave Horror Series: The Mandela Catalogue (bottom of the barrel of the analog horror genre plus the creator is kind of a dick)

Fandoms and Cliques

loki tv show fanlisting Thor: loki fanlist thor and loki fanlist Thor odinson fanlist cowboy bepop fanlist hellsing fanlist nightwalker fanlist venom fanlist monsterhight fanlist yoshitaka amano fanlist dragonflies fanlist junji ito fanlist petshop horrors fanlist
sandman fanlist alucard fanlist buck tick batman and joker kronk treehouse of horror horror neil gaiman salem adams family the craft vampire hunter d interview with the vampire elvira deadpool hannibal david lost boys jareth  frank n furter sherlock holmes l the countess joan watson brienne gothic aristocrat chucky gremlins hocus pocus labyrith the picture of dorian gray the lost boys little shop of horrors the mummy thor ragnarok fanlist van helsing fanlist sharks sea bunnies fanlist wagtail bird fanlist magpies fanlist maple moth fanlist bloodborne fanlist genshin impact fnalist gabriel knight fanlist parasite evee fanlist american mgees alice fanlist legcay of kain fanlist bloodlines fanlist are you afraid of the dark fanlist umbrella academ fanlist what we do in the shaows fanlist the boys fanlist scooby doo fanlist grim and evil fanlist wolf among us fanlist witcher fanlist twilight zone fanlist sims 3 fanlist vampire fanlist steam fanlist
god damnit it kris where the hell are we?


Proud to be a Freak  having otps is fine, harrassing shippers isn´t  mothfucker
 will and hannibal  ship whatever you like, however, you like, fictional characters wont get offended
franz ferdinand loki linkin park
alucard garfield says you are not imune to propaganda devilman
 i love yaoi evil dead  like the legend of the penis
mystery skulls lisa frank horns
magnus archives welcome to nightvale tiger
my sexuality is monsters  i love scp-049  i love halloween


I'm a Pixie Frog!

The African bullfrog, or Pixie frog as it is often called (because of it's latin name, not because it's as cute as a fairy!), is one of the largest frogs in South Africa. Usually, they hang out in open grassland, and if there are any to be found, they'll sit around in puddles. When startled, these frogs will blow up like balloons to scare away the intruder! In the dry season, they will burrow into the ground. These guys eat lots and lots of really big bugs, fish, mice, lizards, and even other frogs.

What kind of Frog are you?

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