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Walking Plague Doctor

Hello and welcome to my weird corner of the internet!

This is a little project of mine, dedicated to my obessions about monsters and other critters.

Parts of the site are still under construction but feel free to explore.


Site may contain some elements of horror, as well images of insects

Viewer discretion is advised.

site best viewd by a computer monitor
pro-fiction safe space


30/06/22: Completed the Gallery, moved the stamp links to Credits, and added a sitemap

24/06/22:Introducing my EFT gallery collection! (insert joke about nfts here)

22/06/22:I´ve add a new section on the links page dedicated to original and fanworks. Also I really need to fix that sidebar, so bear with me

20/06/22:I´ve organized the gallery and it has now an Art Section

15/06/22:I noticed the library link was broken. Oops. Also I have a site button!

14/06/22:Just joined a bunch of fanlists. you can see them in my about me page

12/06/22:Added a couple of webrings to my sidebar. I will improve on their appearance later.

11/06/22:Finished adding all the sections to my journal. Plus add more new virtual pets to play with.

9/06/22:Made some changes to the journal and there are a couple of entries.

6/06/22:I´ve finished converting the monster library, now it looks like the rest of the site.

2/06/22:The virtual creatures page welcomes it´s new additions. They can also grow on their own!

31/05/22:Fixed the Links page and Added a page for adopts!

30/05/22: Did away with the old layout and built a new one from scratch

12/05/22: I decided to do a makeover to my blog section. From now on I´m calling it a journal just to feel fancy. Also it now looks like one.

28/04/22: More updates to the gallery. I added a slideshow to my flickr gallery, because I´m too lazy to link photos one by one. There is also a visitor counter, a guestbook, and a small little easter egg, can you guess what it is?

27/04/22: Links page has been updated.

21/04/22: Added the theme and About Me page.

22/04/22: Made an site update section and a blog

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