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Hello and welcome to my weird corner of the internet!

This is a little project of mine, dedicated to my obessions about monsters and other critters.

Parts of the site are still under construction but feel free to explore.


Site may contain some elements of horror, as well images of insects

Viewer discretion is advised.

site best viewed by a computer monitor
pro-fiction safe space


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RSS Feed Updates

27/09/2023:Updated the Links Page, I also had to correct some gramatical errors on my Superman article, oops.

18/09/2023:Added new entry on the Biology section.

17/09/2023:Added new links on the links page, also added the Literature and Games Library section.

11/09/2023:Due to my rss feed not showing on my Journal, I decided to remove it. It now links directly to Dreamwidth.

14/07/2023: This site now has an Rss feed, now you can get site updates from the feeder of your choice!

12/06/2023: Added the Nightwalker Entry to the Movie section of the Library.

31/05/2023: Removed some contact links from my about page, I thought they were uncessary.

10/05/2023: Changed Image Hosts bye Imgur.

3/05/2023: Removed Adopt of the Month, couldnt be bothered to do it anymore.

31/03/2023: Updating the seagull diary again, and I just joined the FujoFans web listing!

1/03/2023: Added a new entry on the tv section for the library

18/1/2023: Changed mastodon instances, I found a much better community

16/1/2023: I added two new sections to my sticker album

22/12/2022: You may have noticed this site has gone a bit festive, happy holidays!

15/12/2022: Spruced the links page a bit with a scrollbox, added a section for dead sites, and a shiny new link!

13/12/2022: I removed the AI image entry of my gallery, I just think it felt wrong after learning about it screwing artists over.

08/11/2022: Creature Feature has just moved to Melon Town! you can find me at A6.

28/10/2022: I just joined:

07/10/22: Replaced the welcome gif to be more in line with the season

03/10/22: Added status cafe Widget

30/09/22: Added imood to my journal, and now jsut added a favicon!

28/09/22:This site has now a special Halloween page!

13/09/22:Improved the Sitemap and fixed another broken link.

1/09/22:Added a Tv Room, and finally did something about the Misc page.

29/08/22:Due to the deletion of DokoDemo (may it rest in peace) I´m in the process of updating the navlink, and save the creatures I´ve adopted there. They will always have a home here.

24/08/22:I fixed the broken quiz images in the about page, should be visible now.

22/07/22:Hey Look I revamped my about page, feel free to learn more about this site´s webmaster.

17/07/22:Added the biology section

12/07/22:Fixed the footer links.

30/06/22: Completed the Gallery, moved the stamp links to Credits, and added a sitemap

24/06/22:Introducing my EFT gallery collection! (insert joke about nfts here)

22/06/22:I´ve add a new section on the links page dedicated to original and fanworks. Also I really need to fix that sidebar, so bear with me

20/06/22:I´ve organized the gallery and it has now an Art Section

15/06/22:I noticed the library link was broken. Oops. Also I have a site button!

14/06/22:Just joined a bunch of fanlists. you can see them in my about me page

12/06/22:Added a couple of webrings to my sidebar. I will improve on their appearance later.

11/06/22:Finished adding all the sections to my journal. Plus add more new virtual pets to play with.

9/06/22:Made some changes to the journal and there are a couple of entries.

6/06/22:I´ve finished converting the monster library, now it looks like the rest of the site.

2/06/22:The virtual creatures page welcomes it´s new additions. They can also grow on their own!

31/05/22:Fixed the Links page and Added a page for adopts!

30/05/22: Did away with the old layout and built a new one from scratch

12/05/22: I decided to do a makeover to my blog section. From now on I´m calling it a journal just to feel fancy. Also it now looks like one.

28/04/22: More updates to the gallery. I added a slideshow to my flickr gallery, because I´m too lazy to link photos one by one. There is also a visitor counter, a guestbook, and a small little easter egg, can you guess what it is?

27/04/22: Links page has been updated.

21/04/22: Added the theme and About Me page.

22/04/22: Made an site update section and a blog

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